What to Expect


COVID-19 has affected the way we gather to worship. Therefore, for everyone's safety, we are asking that you wear a mask on Sunday mornings through Sep. 5, at which time we will re-evaluate the situation.  No activities or ministries have been cancelled.  Sunday School and other meetings will continue. Our reasonings for this decision are listed below:

  • we want to continue worshipping together and having Sunday School,
  • Washington County has a high level of community transmission,
  • the Delta Variant (which is the cause of most Covid cases now) is more contagious,
  • even those who have been vaccinated are at risk of having a breakthrough infection if they have a weakened immune system,
  • those who are vaccinated can still carry and spread the Covid-19 Delta variant.1

I know that wearing a mask can be frustrating and even uncomfortable yet by wearing one we can help take care of the most vulnerable around us.  Lord willing, by then the number of infections and spread will decrease and we can take another step back to normalcy.


What to Expect

Our Sunday Morning Services

Our two morning services are identical in form. Our services last for about an hour or so and involve worship through singing, giving, praying, and preaching. Nursery (0-2) is provided during the 10:45 service.

Our People

Trinity is a multi-generational church that looks a lot like our surrounding community of Jonesborough / Johnson City. We are a diverse group of teachers, engineers, farmers, nurses, and students. We are of all ages, races and income levels. Though we are all different, we share one thing in common: We are all followers of Jesus Christ. 

Our Music

Our music is a reflection of the culture of our congregation, so it is blended. On any given Sunday you'll hear a combination of ancient and modern hymns, praise choruses, and special music by soloists, ensembles, or our worship choir. We have a wide variety of tastes so we seek to serve one another by singing a wide variety of music. We'll sing most anything from the Gettys to the Gaithers. 

Our Preaching

At Trinity we take our preaching very seriously. In fact, it takes up the majority of our services. Each week Pastor Mark or Pastor Nathan will take a passage of Scripture explain what it means and then seek to apply it to everyday life. Our preaching is both theological and practical. Want more information on our preaching? Read this article: What is Expository Preaching?