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Who's Your One

03.23.22 | Newsletter | by Mark Harrod

    Scott McKnight writes the following in his book The Jesus Creed. “Yellow is not my favorite color. But now that I know the story of Vincent van Gogh, I have come to value    yellow differently. This famous Dutch painter, sadly, tossed away the truth imparted him in his Christian home and sank into depression and destruction. By the grace of God, as he later began to embrace the truth again, his life took on hope, and he gave that hope color."

    The best-kept secret of van Gogh’s life is that the truth he was discovering is seen in the gradual increase of the presence of the color yellow in his paintings.  Yellow evoked (for him) the hope and warmth of the truth of God’s love. In one of his depressive periods, seen in his famous ‘The Starry Night’, one finds a yellow sun and yellow swirling stars, because van Gogh thought truth was present only in nature. Tragically, the church, which stands tall in this painting and should be the house of truth, is about the only item in the painting  showing no traces of yellow. But by the time he painted The Raising of Lazarus, his life was on the mend as he began to face the truth about himself. The entire picture is (blindingly) bathed in yellow. In fact, van Gogh put his own face on Lazarus to express his own hope in the Resurrection.

    Yellow tells the whole story: life can begin all over again because of the truth of God’s love.  Each of us, whether with actual yellows or metaphorical yellows, can begin to paint our lives  with the fresh hope of a new beginning.”

                  The world around us is awash in color. Some, however, only see red because    anger has taken deep root in their lives. Others only see the dark colors because grief has been a constant companion. Still others, only see green because they are jealous of what others have.  All of us could use a bit more ‘yellow’ in our lives.

                 The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the cornerstone of our faith. Yet the   resurrection is more than a historical event. The resurrection is about hope in the most    difficult of circumstances. It is about freedom from the power of sin. It is about hope even amid death. The resurrection is the guarantee of the New Heaven and the New Earth. Thus the resurrection of Jesus gives hope. We have a chance to share the hope of Jesus this Easter. As we approach the celebration of the Lord’s resurrection, be praying about whom the Lord would have you invite to be your guest at worship Easter Sunday morning. As you pray, be open to the opportunity that God may give you to share the gospel with the one He has laid on your heart.