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What is Expository Preaching?

07.21.16 | by Nathan Moore

    Because we believe that the Bible is God’s Word, preaching occupies a central place in our worship services.  Preaching is one of the primary ways that the church grows stronger and healthier.  The goal of preaching at Trinity is to explain the text and then to apply it to the daily life of the believer.  You will find the preaching at Trinity to be text centered, God exalting, and personally applicable.

    Most of the time we take a book of the Bible and work our way through it, without skipping the hard stuff. This way, the preacher doesn't get to decide what God's people need to hear... God does. We've recently preached through the books of Matthew, Ruth, Ephesians, James & Revelation. Sometimes we may take a break and preach a "topical" sermon, but these topical sermons will always be throughly Biblical.

    The phrase expository preaching best describes the type of preaching a Trinity. This simply means that each week the preacher aims to take the main point of the Bible passage and make it the central idea in the sermon.