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State of the Worship Ministry Address

07.19.21 | Newsletter | by Chris McDonald

    State of the Worship Ministry Address 

    This month I want to take my article space to just give an update on all things worship ministry at Trinity and take a walk through this past year.

    I can hardly believe this month marks a full year since I and my family began serving here at Trinity. In this past year we have been so blessed to get to know many of you more and to slowly see more of the ministries at Trinity resume activity as we have emerged out the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hope, Jem, Collin, and I have been continually encouraged by everyone’s kindness and love for our Lord in the ways you serve and do ministry. We are delighted to call Jonesborough our new home and Trinity our new church family! I have enjoyed learning much of Trinity’s rich history these past few months, including the incredible impact of the worship ministry under Tony Bowman’s many years of leadership, and I am excited to see how the Lord will use all of us in the year and years to come for His glory.

    One of my major tasks that began when I first arrived was to oversee a complete sound system refurbishing for our worship center. By the time you read this article, our new sound system will be fully in place and completely operational. It has taken a while to get the materials shipped, installed, and the new team trained, mostly due to the pandemic, but I am grateful that we now have not only a top-notch working audio system, but that we are also getting several wonderful volunteers of      multiple ages to help run all the equipment we now have to steward.

    God has also been answering prayers of mine and from the staff these past few months as I have been needing to recruit about 14 new people for the Audio/Visual/Lighting team. To date, all but 4 of those spots have been filled! It takes a lot of people to make the sound, livestream, lights, and screens operate each Sunday, and I’m thankful to each of them for their heart to serve the Lord in this way.

    Another joy of mine this past year has been working with and developing our worship team, which includes our wonderful pianist, Julie, drummer extraordinaire, Zack, Nathan on bass, and our rotating and steadily growing vocal leadership team. Great skill and dedication are needed for all members of our worship team, and I praise God weekly for each of them.

    Thankfully during this past year, I was able to safely gather the worship choir together starting back in October and, though limited and mask-laden, we were able to sing a little at Christmas and Easter during the pandemic. I look forward to not only continuing this important ministry at full capacity this fall, but also to restarting a new children’s choir format on Sunday nights.

    Once again, thank you for your welcoming spirit to me and my family in the past year! Forward we go for the cause of Christ and for His glory in Jonesborough and to the ends of the earth!

    In Christ alone,

    Pastor Chris