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    Shawn Achor, a psychologist who teaches at Harvard, suggests that we can train our brains to become more grateful by setting aside just five minutes a day for practicing gratitude. He cites a one week study in which people...

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      Public Update on Emma Harrod's Health

      02.21.17 | by Nathan Moore

      Download Public Statement (PDF)   This morning I’d like to bring you an update on the Harrods and on Emma’s condition. As most of you know, last Friday (2-10-17), Emma had another MRI. We as a church have been praying...

        Do Not Despise the Day of Small Things

        07.24.16 | Newsletter | by Mark Harrod

        What is it within a man that will motivate him to stand his ground when he knows that doing so will cost him everything, including his life? The life and death of Wallace Hartley provides a stirring example of a man who, rather than seeking to...