COVID 19 Updates

 Last Updated:  July 14, 2020 7:20 pm

July 14, 2020

 Dear Trinity,

As a staff, we continue to monitor developments related to the pandemic.  As you are probably aware, Covid cases continue to increase.  Washington County officials have issued a facial mask requirement in public places with an exclusion for places of worship.

We would like to continue in person worship and feel we need to make some changes in light of these developments.

1. We are removing some of the seats from the worship center to increase social distancing.

2. Our attendance is greater in the 8:30 AM and 10:45 AM services.  We are requesting that some of you begin attending the 6:00 PM service.  This would also help us with social distancing.

3. We understand that the county requirement for face masks has an exclusion for places of worship.  However, we are respectfully requesting that you consider wearing a mask.  We hope this demonstrates a willingness to inconvenience ourselves to demonstrate our care and concern for one another.  We understand there are different opinions regarding masks and appreciate your consideration and understanding.

Please continue to pray that this pandemic will end.  Until that time pray for each other, love each other, and be the witness that God wants us to be.


Pastor Mark