COVID 19 Update

Covid just won’t go away!  I was thrilled when the numbers began decreasing and it looked like the corner had been turned in the pandemic.  Then things started to change, and infections began to increase, especially among children and those with weakened immune systems.  Because of these changes, the staff is asking that you wear a mask on Sunday mornings beginning this Sunday.  We are asking that you wear masks until Sunday September 5th when we will reevaluate the situation. No activities or ministries are being cancelled.  Sunday School and other meetings are going to continue.  We are asking you to wear a mask for three weeks because:

  • we want to continue worshipping together and having Sunday School,
  • Washington County has a high level of community transmission,
  • the Delta Variant (which is the cause of most Covid cases now) is more contagious,
  • even those who have been vaccinated are at risk of having a breakthrough infection if they have a weakened immune system,
  • those who are vaccinated can still carry and spread the Covid-19 Delta variant.1

I know that wearing a mask can be frustrating and even uncomfortable yet by wearing one we can help take care of the most vulnerable around us.  We are asking you to do this for three Sundays.  Lord willing, by then the number of infections and spread will decrease and we can take another step back to normalcy.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

In Christ,

Pastor Mark

Updated: 08-18-21