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Public Update on Emma Harrod's Health

02.21.17 | by Nathan Moore

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    This morning I’d like to bring you an update on the Harrods and on Emma’s condition. As most of you know, last Friday (2-10-17), Emma had another MRI. We as a church have been praying specifically that this MRI would show improvement in Emma’s condition and signs of healing.

    In recent weeks, Emma has been showing some small signs of improvement. She has been swallowing and making humming sounds. 

    Mark and Jodie specifically asked us to pray that when this MRI was read on Monday (2-13-17), that the report would be good. They expressed confidence in God saying, “God is our strength and we know that no distance is too great for him.” 

    On Monday evening, after the Harrods received the results of the MRI Mark posted: 

    ”We know that God hears our prayers and the reality is that sometimes He says “no.” The results from the MRI were not good. Jodie, Ellen, Sam and I are working to figure out how to best care for Emma. Please pray for us to know what to do and for grace and strength. Thank you for the love and prayers that you have shown us. We need them now more than ever.”

    This week Mark called me to explain the findings of the MRI which he described as “not good” and the results have been devastating. The MRI revealed that 1.) Emma has suffered a significant loss of brain tissue and that 2.) her condition is worsening.

    The doctors have told the Harrods that medically speaking there is little more they can do to treat her illness. Mark said to me: “Emma’s condition is worsening and humanly speaking, nothing more can be done.” And again, his exact words were: “Barring a miracle from the Lord, Emma is going to pass away.” 

    The Harrods are now considering different options to place Emma in hospice care. As her condition worsens, she is going to continue to need medical care and they are hoping to find an appropriate hospice facility near home.

    The doctors have communicated that they have no good way to determine the time frame but “the time frame they have given Emma is from 1 week to six months to live.” Of course the Lord knows and Emma is in his perfect care.

    Please continue to pray for the Harrod family and for healing for Emma.

     *This a lightly edited transcript of the public announcement given at Trinity Baptist Church in both morning services on Sunday January 20, 2017. This statement was prepared and delivered by Associate Pastor Nathan Moore.