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New Schedule

Posted by Mark Harrod on

I am excited to announce that Sunday School will resume on Sunday April 18th.   On April 11th we will not meet in person, but have a single livestream only service at 9:30.

            Most children, youth and adult Sunday School classes will resume on the 18th.  Please keep your ears open about your Sunday School class.  As we take this step it is important for each person to attend based on their personal comfort level.  Some of the Sunday School rooms are small and make social distancing a challenge.  Because of that we strongly encourage those who attend Sunday School to continue wearing masks.  Please remain flexible because after a few weeks some classes may change rooms based on attendance.  Chairs will continue to be set up in the worship center to allow for social distancing and both services will continue to be live streamed.

            This is just the next step in resuming a normal schedule.  At some point in the future, we will move to one worship service.  This will happen when social distancing guidelines are relaxed.  Moving to one service will be an exciting time for us to come back together, re-establish relationships and be reminded of our unity in Christ.  One service will happen later in the year but for now remember that on April 18th we  begin two worship services at 8:30 and 10:45 with Sunday School beginning at 9:30.


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